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Business Administration


Degree Offered:
Business Administration (B.S.)

The aim of the Department of Business Administration is to provide a quality-education program to students to prepare them to compete intellectually and professionally in the global workplace that is changing rapidly and technologically. The Department seeks to maintain an open atmosphere to foster superior instruction, professional development, research, and community involvement by the faculty; and foster collegiate inquiry, academic advancement, self-enhancement, and a commitment to public involvement among students based on their interest, integrity, and responsibility.

All students (including transfer students) seeking a major in Business Administration must comply with all procedures and requirements. Students in all majors must complete at least 126 semester hours including a total of 48 hours of general education courses and necessary perquisites as outlined per major.

Business Administration Objectives


The overall objective of the Business Administration Program is to develop the potential of students as Business Professionals, enabling them to play a more effective role in the American Management and Corporate System.  The specific objectives are:

    1. to provide students with a thorough understanding of the business management theory and the market economy in a global workplace setting;
    2. to provide students with competences in business and organizational analysis to enable them to formulate and analyze business policies that impact on business, social and legal environments;
    3. to acquaint the student with the process of business administration and organizational growth and development;
    4. to prepare students with a balanced background of organizational management and leadership methods to function as entrepreneurs;
    5. to equip students with the management, marketing and financial skills to enable them to operate within the different dimensions of administrative practices and challenges in our competitive and uncertain business environment; and
    6. to prepare students for possible employment in private business, government services and to pursue advanced degrees.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of the Business Administration Program the student (s) should be able to:

    1. demonstrate effective leadership and management styles;
    2. exemplify management behaviors consistent with the organization’s mission, structure, goals and purpose;
    3. demonstrate evidence of strong business analysis and management skills;
    4. operate effectively in  dynamic political, cultural, and religious environments;
    5. make strategic quality enhancing decisions within a competitive and global environment;
    6. exemplify strong research skills;
    7. demonstrate effective written and oral presentation skills;
    8. demonstrate effective allocation and utilization of resources within the functional areas of organization;
    9. demonstrate strong leadership skills in managing change within the organization; and exhibit strong ethics and values in decision-making.

Business Administration Major

  • Concentrations:
    • Business Law
    • Community Program Management
    • Hospitality Management
    • Music Industry Administration
    • Small Business Management
    • Sports Management

Business Administration Major

General Requirement

Once admitted to the College, the student has the privilege of graduating under the provision of the catalog in circulation upon admission, provided requirements are complete within six years. If a student does not graduate within eight years of admission, the student must conform to the specified requirement of the current catalog.

Entry Requirements
All students (including transfer students) seeking a major in Business Administration must comply with all procedures and requirements.

    1. Morris Brown Students are admitted to the Business Administration program only after completing at least 60 earned semester credit hours with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or above.
    1. Have earned a “C” of better in the following courses: ENG 101 and ENG 102, and MAT 102.
    1. Students transferring from other Institutions of Higher Learning must complete the equivalent of the General Education requirements with a GPA of 2.0 or above.
    1. Have passed the Department Entry Examination with a grade of 70 percent or higher.
    1. Submit an application to the Department Office.
    2. Upon Approval of the Department Chair, registers with the appropriate academic advisor.
  1. Obtain review and discuss the academic contract with the advisor. This academic contract shall contain all course requirements for the chosen major and any other institutional and/or department requirements that the students need to complete their matriculation in the Department of Business Administration. A contract can be re-negotiated at any time, however, this process shall be implemented by meeting with the appropriate advisor, making the changes in the contract, signing the contract, and then obtaining the approval of the Department Chairperson.

Retention Requirements
For retention purposes the following must be satisfied:

    1. Students must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average
      (GPA) of 2.0.
  1. Students must maintain academic integrity in keeping with the requirements in the students’ handbook.

Business Administration students will demonstrate acquired competencies of the program as follows:

    1. Business Administration students in their first semester of their senior year will submit and defend a strategic career plan. It must be accepted by the Chairperson.
  1. Business Administration students in their final semester will submit and defend a business plan. It must be accepted by the Chairperson.

Exit Requirements
Students who plan to graduate in the business administration program must have:

  1. completed all courses as specified by academic contract with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better;
  2. met with the appropriate academic advisor to commensurate all requirements in their academic contract;
  3. completed written business plan, approved by the business faculty;
  4. pass the Departmental Comprehensive Examination with a grade of 70% or better;
  5. complete Career Strategic Plan; Accepted by Chairperson
  6. register a career plan with academic advisor;
  7. show evidence of taking at least three job interviews;
  8. show evidence of application to at least one University to pursue graduate studies; and
  9. complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of approved coursework.

Failed Course Policy
Students must repeat all courses for which a letter grade of “D” or “F” is earned.

No student is allowed to take a sequential course in the Department of Business Administration which follows a failed pre-requisite course in which the student has earned a letter grade of “D” or “F” or “I”. If an “I” is removed for a grade of “C” or better the course may be taken.

Such course must be repeated the next semester that the student is enrolled and the course is offered. Any student not following the procedure will be dropped automatically from the course without prior notice.

Attendance is taken seriously. A student must not miss more than two classes/sessions per course. In fairness to other students and the integrity of the major, it is at the professor’s discretion, on appeal of the student, to give an opportunity to make up any missed assignment. The student must withdraw from the class with two absences. The terms for withdrawal apply.


Dress Policy

Students are required to dress in an appropriate manner for all campus activities, including classes, lectures, seminars, and convocations.

Course Elective and Substitution Policy
The course offerings in the Department are subject to change by the Business Administration Faculty. In case of a change in course offering or course requirements, the Department will publicize the change by official notice on the bulletin board of the Department of Business Administration. Students will be responsible for making the required changes and course substitutions, so as to meet all the requirements for graduation from Department.

All changes in a major or program must be requested by the student on the course substitution form. Recommended by the advisor and approved in writing by the Chairperson of the Department.

Transfer, Transient and Summer School Students
Students must obtain the written permission of the Department Chairperson before taking any course at another institution of higher education.

Majoring in Business Administration Requires
Students majoring in Business Administration must complete a total of 126 semester hours of relevant and approved courses as follows:

Course Requirements for the Business
Administration Program

General Education Courses
Pre-Business Core Courses
Common Professional Core Courses
Concentration Courses
General Elective