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Organizational Managementand Leadership


  • Business Law
  • Childcare Management
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Executive Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Religious Administration

Program Description
The Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership program is an accelerated degree-completion program (18-24 months) that provides the skills and knowledge base to meet the challenges of the 21st century workplace. The program is designed for persons who have completed an associate degree or have college credits (related to a Bachelor’s degree). Applicants who have accumulated between 45 and 60 undergraduate transferable credits with a GPA of at least 2.0 and have a minimum of two years work experience are eligible to apply for the program.

Applicants with less than 45 credits are evaluated of provisional approval on case-by-case. Total number of hours for the program is 126 credit hours.

Target Market for Student Recruitment
OML students are chosen from the following categories: adult professionals with some college credit; adults seeking professional advancements; adults not younger than 25 years of age; and adults with proficiency in writing skills.

Target Market for Graduate Placement
OML graduates are prepared for challenging careers in management and leadership positions in the following industries: Corporate America; Public Service; Community Service; Business; Government, Education, and Entrepreneurship.

The overall objective is to develop the potential of students as organizational and leadership professionals enabling them to play a more effective role in the American Management and Leadership System. Other objectives are to:

    • to prepare students with a balanced background of organizational management and leadership methods;
    • to equip students with the organizational and leadership skills to enable them to operate within the different dimensions of organizational practices and leadership challenges in our competitive and uncertain business environment; and
    • to prepare students for possible employment in private business, government services and to pursue advanced degrees.

Expected Outcomes
Upon completion of the OML Program, the student (s) should be able to:

    • exemplify leadership and management behaviors consistent
      with an organization’s structure, goals and purpose;
    • demonstrate evidence of strong leadership and management skills;
    • operate effectively in political, cultural, and/or religious environments;
    • make quality enhancing decisions under adverse situations;
    • demonstrate effective written and oral presentation skills; and
    • exhibit strong ethics and values in decision-making

Entrance Requirements to OML Program
Upon admission to the College, each student must apply for admission to the Organizational Management and Leadership Program:

    • must be interview by the OML faculty;
    • must have accumulated a minimum of 45 transferable (grade C or better) undergraduate credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0. If earned less than 45 semester hours will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and referred to the General Education Core Program and must complete all GED requirement before approval for the OML program;
    • must demonstrate activity in the workforce for a minimum of two years;
    • must have a minimum age of 25years with approved work experience; and
  • must obtain and submit three letters of recommendation that include a reference from a professional administrator, academic administrator, and or religious administrator.

Students, based on equivalence of practical experience to classroom courses at a college, may receive as many as 30 credit hours subjects applied for under the Prior Learning Assessment facility which are subjected to the guidelines of established academic councils including the American Council on Education (ACE).

Retention Criteria for OML Program
To be retained in the Organizational Management and Leadership Program:

    • Students must maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 in order to be in good standing in the program.
    • Attendance is taken seriously. No student must miss more one session/class per course. It is at the professor’s discretion, on appeal by student, to give an opportunity to make up for any missed assignment. The student must withdraw from the class with two absences.

OML students will demonstrate acquired competencies of the program as follows:

  1. OML students in the first semester of their senior year will submit and defend a strategic career plan—to be signed by the Chair of the Department.
  2. OML students, in the final semester, will submit, as part of an internship report, a senior project which documents identification, analysis, and recommended solutions to organizational problems that must be defended — to be signed by the Chair of the Department.

Exit Criteria from OML Program
In order to graduste, Students must:

    • complete all OML core curriculum requirements
    • have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better with no major course grade below “C”
  • complete requirements of the internship/Apprenticeship required by the program.
  • complete at least 126 semester credit hours.

Course Requirements for the Organizational Management and Leadership Program

General Education Courses 48 hrs
Pre-Organizational Management and Leadership Courses 18 hrs
Common professional Core Courses 45 hrs
Concentration Courses 15 hrs
General Elective 3 hrs
TOTAL 126 hrs