alumni1Alumni are encouraged to support the institution’s goal of improving the success and retention of our students as well as all aspects of the institution by maintaining and increasing financial support and involvement with the College. The Office of Alumni Affairs will promote, enhance, and develop support for Morris Brown College by strengthening the relationship between the institution, its alumni, graduates and other constituencies.

The Alumni Affairs Office serves as the primary liaison between the College and its alumni constituency. Its function is to develop and maintain a network of support to the College, both people and finances. The work of this office involves planning and implementing a comprehensive alumni relations program; overseeing the development and maintenance of all alumni records; assisting with the development and implementation of fund raising strategies and providing technical support to a National Alumni Association structure of 6 Regions and over 30 Chapters located throughout the United States and foreign regions, other alumni support groups and Reunion Classes.

The Alumni Affairs Office networks with the National Alumni Association in support of the College’s efforts with recruitment and retention of students and the development of alumni through sponsorship of pre-alumni activities. Annually, local chapters host current and new student activities, participate in college recruitment fairs and provide scholarship dollars.

Annually, alumni provide impressive support to the College’s Annual Fund Drive.

If you are not a part of the Morris Brown Alumni and would like to be or find out more information, please contact 404-458-6085 ext 2020 or email

Morris Brown College ALMA MATER
Words by Milton Randolph Music By E. Waymon Hathcock

Alma Mater, pride of earth, Gav’st to me another birth, Haven for all hungry souls, Feeding them shall be Thy goal, Ever let thy banner be, Emblem of the brave and free, A welcome true to everyone, Until Thy work is done.

Hail to Thee, maker of men, Honor to The once again, Sacred truths on firmest ground, Hail to Thee, Dear Morris Brown. To thy precepts praise accord, To them may we e’er be bound, And bow and thank the gracious Lord, For dear ol Morris Brown.

As an alumni and friend of Morris Brown College, I will at all times and in all places, strive to promote the good name and reputation of such an outstanding institution. With dignity, I will demonstrate in my character and deportment, an air of pride that will be noticeable and respected. With compassion, I will take advantage of every opportunity to speak on her behalf, and assist in any way possible with the efforts of the school, in the recruitment of good students, in locating financial resources, and by making myself available for tasks I am called upon to perform.

As a member of this alumni organization, I will make efforts on a continuing basis, to attract other well-meaning alumni and friends of Morris Brown College, to join our attempts to assure her a long life of success, and achievement for her sons and daughters.

John Goodlett, Class of 1962

Oh Lord, we beseech Thee to give us that due sense of love, reverence, and respect for our Alma Mater, Morris Brown College. We ask that Thou will give us the will to represent her, displaying the highest degree of personal integrity, and with a level of deportment that will show forth these morals and virtues she has taught and stood for, for so many years.

We ask that Thou will continue to let your light so shine on her, that she may continue as a lively center for sound learning, new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom. And grant that those who teach there, and those who learn there, may find you to be the source of all truth. Bless the President, the Staff and Faculty that they may be good leaders, and set right examples for academic excellence and outstanding achievement.

Endow us all with an inalienable sense of gratitude, for we know from whence cometh all our blessings. In Christ, Amen.

John Goodlett, Class of 1962

Specific ways in which the Alumni Affairs Office supports its alumni include the following:

1. Coordinate National Alumni Association meetings held on the Morris Brown College campus.

2. Provide upon request to the leader (or establish distribution time for) a listing of alumni and friends for the geographic area served his/her region or local chapter.

3. When possible, a representative of the Alumni Affairs Office will attend the national and regional meetings of the National Alumni Association and, upon invitation, to chapter activities.

4. Supplies for events: The names of authorized vendors for banners, buttons, caps, pens, etc. can be obtained through the office. Special proclamations for individuals are available.

5. College speakers for chapter or community events: The Alumni Affairs Office will contact potential speakers for chapter or community events and assist in travel and hotel reservations as necessary. The Alumni Chapter or organization will be responsible for all expenses for such an event.

6. The Office of Alumni Affairs is available to assist in working with the Office of College Relations to adapt information received from alumni for use by the various public media.

7. The College receives requests from various sources concerning the accomplishments of our alumni. Recommendations for awards from the College, is an excellent way to highlight alumni on a local, national, and international basis. The College Fund/UNCF, the NAACP, the YMCA/YWCA, NAFEO, Johnson Publications, and other colleges and universities are just a few organizations that have requested information on alumni for presentations.

8. The Office of Alumni Affairs accepts and solicits information regarding family related activities. It is a blessing to be shared when there is a wedding announcement or the birth of a child. Morris Brown College is well noted for the bloodlines of its alumni. A prime example is that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mother Alberta W. King graduated from the College.

Establishing or Re-Activating a Chapter

1. Upon your agreement to serve as a contact person for a particular area, the Director of Alumni Affairs will provide you with a listing of alumni in your area, and Application for Activation Form, and the Morris Brown College National Alumni Association’s Constitution and By-laws.

2. It is requested that the request for establishment be submitted through the Morris Brown College Office of Alumni Affairs, which will forward the request to the National Alumni Association.

3. Members re-activating a chapter must forward contact information and a chapter roster to the Morris Brown College Office of Alumni Affairs.

4. The Morris Brown College National Alumni Association chapters are allowed to establish their own local dues requirement.

5. To officially designate the establishment or re-activation of a chapter, the National President and the respective Regional Vice President or their designees must be in attendance.

6. A listing of all elected officers must be forwarded to the Office of Alumni Affairs following elections.

7. All payments related to the National Alumni Association must be made payable to the Morris Brown College National Alumni Association, Inc. and mailed to Mrs. Bessie Barnett, Financial Secretary, MBC National Alumni Association, P.O. Box 92784, Atlanta, Georgia 30314.

8. Adhere to the Morris Brown College National Alumni Association’s Constitution and By-laws.

Philanthropic contributions you give help to further the impact of our academic programs and advance human-kind.  Your generous gifts provide the environment which allows the college to engage students with learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom.

Every effort has been made to accurately identify all contributors to Morris Brown College.  Please accept our sincere apologies, in advance, for any errors or omissions in these publications.

We look forward to your continued support of Morris Brown College.  Please see the Donor Honor Roll years between fiscal years July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2018.