The Morris Brown College Band

The Morris Brown College Band was created to provide our music students with the total collegiate experience through quality education, and in doing so create and promote a positive image in and for the school and community. Except for the total student body, our band is the largest, most colorful, most visible and highly disciplined segment of Morris Brown College. When we appear at college functions, professional football and basketball games, local, national and international parades and contest, as well as civic events, there is no question that we add a certain “energy” to these events. The lively enthusiasm, brilliant color and dynamic sound that this band produces are sure to move even the most hardened spectator.

The origin of the band can be traced as far back as 1923. The average membership enrollment was approximately 15 to 20 members including auxiliary squads. In 1962, Mr. Cleopas R. Johnson was hired as head Band Director by then music department chairperson Dr. G. Johnson Hubert. Subsequently the band has gone on to perform in some of the largest events in the world including two appearances in the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena California and five appearances in the New York Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as making appearances on national and international television. The band had grown from the original ten members to over three hundred and twenty-eight playing. From 1962 to 1996 the band had undergone a major metamorphosis under the tutelage and leadership of the late Mr. Cleopas R. Johnson.

The Morris Brown College Band program is dedicated to developing well rounded, upstanding citizens. The philosophy of Music Education serves as a source of insight into the total music program. Every civilization should recognize that both formal and informal music education prepares students for what life ultimately requires. Music education fosters creativity, teaches effective communication, provides basic skills for a critical assessment of the world around us, and encourages the abiding values of self discipline and commitment. A reasoned philosophy enables a teacher or a student to behave rationally rather than naively or an ingrained habit.

Some of our members go on to teach and/or perform but most of them go into their major field of study upon college graduation. They all leave with the understanding that music is a beautiful and sustaining force in their lives. They leave knowing that they are students that have received a complete educational experience at Morris Brown College and can proudly say “I am a former Marching Wolverine.”

With hard work, dedication and determination, you too can be apart of the internationally, world famous and awe inspiring Morris Brown College Marching Wolverines when it is re-established.