Best Selling Author/Educator Dennis Kimbro MBC Embellished Sealto Keynote Morris Brown College 2017 Commencement

image012Bestselling author/educator Dr. Dennis Kimbro will keynote the 2017 Morris Brown College commencement ceremony scheduled Saturday, May 20, 2017, 4:00pm at Big Bethel AME Church, Atlanta, Georgia. He will address seniors of the Class of 2017 along with their families, trustees, faculty, staff and alumni. “Morris Brown College has worked diligently to prepare our 2017 graduates to be competitive in a market responsive work environment,” said Dr. Stanley J. Pritchett, President. “Our keynote speaker for this year’s commencement is an HBCU educator and a dynamic motivational speaker who I anticipate will bring his passionate and persuasive brand of inspiration to our graduates and everyone in attendance.” Kimbro will receive an honorary Doctorate of Letters degree from the college during the ceremony.

KimbroHeadShot.jpgFew individuals impact the day-to-day management of organizations and institutions as Dennis Kimbro. A tireless educator, best-selling author and business school professor, he is universally characterized as an authority on leadership, wealth and success. As one of today’s top business speakers, he has documented and shared his principles and insight on peak performance with thousands of followers around the globe. As a lecturer and researcher in the field of management, entrepreneurship and human potential, Kimbro encourages his readers to look within to extract the keys that underlie all accomplishment. “What Makes the Great Great,” said Kimbro. “This is the title of my third book and an off-shoot of my Ph.D. dissertation. In short, no one succeeds by accident and success always leaves footprints. HBCUs were created to deliver a specific product to a specific clientele/user. Unfortunately, too few know the Morris Brown College story. What’s the definition of a secret? Something that only ONE person knows. Morris Brown College has a rich glorious history. Don’t keep it a secret! Tell your story but, more importantly, tell it well!” His advice to HBCUs is teach the unteachable; reach the unreachable and be patient with late bloomers.

A native of Jersey City, New Jersey, Kimbro received his B.A. degree from the University of Oklahoma and a M.A. and doctorate from Northwestern University where he studied wealth and poverty among underdeveloped countries. He is a business professor at Clark-Atlanta University and has received numerous honors and awards from the business community as well as the Dale Carnegie Personal Achievement award. As a certified Napoleon Hill Science of Success trainer and leadership coach, Kimbro’s writings have influenced readers from Melbourne, Australia, Johannesburg, South Africa, Seoul, South Korea, Reykjavik, Iceland and Tokyo, Japan and inspired professionals in the boardrooms of General Motors, Walt Disney, Citigroup, Frito-Lay, Eli Lilly, Apple Computer, Exxon Mobil, NIKE and the Gallup Organization. In 2005, the National Black MBA Association presented him with the H. Naylor Fitzhugh award, recognizing him as one of the top professors in the nation. Kimbro studied the methodology of Napoleon Hill, author of the international 1930’s best seller “Think and Grow Rich”. Inspired, he decided to do what Hill had done and develop a survey to use among peak performing Black Americans. He learned from the Napoleon Hill Foundation that Hill himself had written nearly one hundred pages on the same subject in the 1970’s. Left incomplete, it turned out to be Hill’s last manuscript. After a personal meeting with W. Clement Stone, president of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Kimbro was commissioned to update and complete Hill’s original manuscript resulting in “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice”. Kimbro has appeared on the Today Show, Larry King, CNN and has been featured in Success, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today. He is the author of “Daily Motivations for African American Success”, “The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires” and the highly acclaimed “What Makes the Great Great: Strategies for Extraordinary Achievement”.