Many alumni have indicated that you would like to volunteer and teach a course voluntarily here at the College. Here is your chance. The attached list is of classes are the proposed course offerings for the 2012 fall semester. If you have the academic qualifications to teach one of these courses then please contact the following:

Faculty Search Committee
Dr. Gloria L. Anderson, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Hector Butts, Chairman of the Business Administration Department

Mrs. Toledo Riley , Director of Admissions and Records

Required documentation:  Resume (and or) Vita and Official Copy of transcripts.

Please e-mail a copy of your resume and or vita to each of the Faculty Search Committee Members if no e-mail then mail it along with your Official Copy of transcripts to:

Dr. Gloria L. Anderson
VP for Academic Affairs
Morris Brown College
643 Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr., N.W.
Atlanta , Georgia 30314