General Studies: Psychology Concentration


A concentration in Psychology will lead to a degree in General Studies. Those who intend to do graduate work in psychology should broaden their preparation in mathematics, the natural sciences, philosophy, linguistics or the social sciences. A student may combine a concentration in Psychology with a preparation for advanced professional training, medical school, law school, or the other advanced professional training. In addition, the concentration will serve the whole college in offering General Psychology to meet the needs of the General Education Program and in offering supportive courses to students in existing departments/programs who would benefit from formal exposure to current knowledge of the principles of human behavior and mental processes.

Classic studies have revealed the ongoing demand for trained professionals in the area of psychology.(Lahey, 2008). In addition, students with major/concentrations in psychology have also entered careers in such diverse areas as computer science, banking and politics.


The Psychology Program of study is designed to contribute to a student’s general liberal education, to enhance the student’s understanding of human behavior, to provide academic and practical preparation for entry level positions in mental health and related fields, and to provide a foundation for entry into graduate or professional schools in a variety of areas of specialization.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Psychology program are:

  1. To prepare students academically for graduate study in Psychology or professional schools in fields such as law, medicine or business;
  1. To prepare students academically and experientially for employment in mental health and related fields;
  1. To expose students to applied psychology through clinical internships and cooperative education placements;
  1. To expose students to research psychology through research training in the laboratory and in the field; and
  1. To expose students to state-of-the-art computer techniques used in research and in the application of psychology.

 Psychology Program Competencies

Psychology Program students will demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Psychology Program students will submit, discuss and defend a research  project in Senior Seminar during the first semester of their senior year.
  1. Psychology Program students will submit a portfolio of their internship  experiences during the second semester of their senior year.

Required Major Courses

                                                                                              Credit Hours


  1. PSY 283 Psychological Statistics                                         3
  2. PSY 305 Abnormal Psychology                                           3
  3. PSY 315 Social Psychology                                                   3
  4. PSY 321        Developmental Psychology                          3
  5. PSY 410        Theories of Learning                                       3
  6.  PSY 425        Theories of Personality                                 3
  7. PSY 413        Marriage and Family Counseling                 3
  8. PSY 430        Psychological Testing                                      3
  9.  PSY 435        Problems in Psychology                                3
  10. PSY 499        Senior Seminar in Psychology                       3

                                                                                                           30 hrs

Required Related Courses


  1. PSY 201 Introduction to Science of Psychology              3
  2. PSY 203 Educational Psychology                                           3
  3. PSY 331 History of Psychology                                               3
  4. PSY 443 Internship                                                                      3
  5. PSY 444 Health Psychology                                                     3
  6. SOC 290 Technical Writing                                                        3
  7. SOC 302 Social Research Methods                                         3
  8. SOC 350 Social Gerontology                                                    3

                                                                                                           24 hrs