Morris Brown News 4-8-16


Morris Brown College Awarded Grant to Prevent Youth Substance Abuse

 Atlanta, GA, April 8, 2016 – Morris Brown College, a private, coeducational liberal arts college engaged in teaching and public service, in collaboration with STAND, Inc. (Standing to Achieve New Direction) has received a $900,000 dollar three year grant to prevent and reduce substance abuse and transmission of HIV/STD’s and hepatitis C among African American young adults and LGBT ages 18-24. The program specifically targets youth enrolled in colleges in the DeKalb County area and surrounding communities. “It is part of the Morris Brown College legacy to reach out and help persons in our community that are most at risk”, said Dr. Stanley Pritchett, president. “The Cache Plus Project is an opportunity for us to continue to collaborate with community based leaders and advocates to help curb an epidemic that negatively impacts our youth by providing prevention education and access to supportive services.”

The College and Community Health Education (CACHE) project was originally launched in 2014 with the goal of preventing substance abuse, HIV and hepatitis C primarily in Fulton County (City of Atlanta). Morris Brown College received a three year $900,000 dollar grant in conjunction with WSCI (Wholistic Stress Control Institute), a community based organization to launch the initial project which ends in 2016.  CACHE Plus is the second phase, widening its efforts to focus on expanding the services of the original project to include colleges, universities and community programs in DeKalb County. Program funding is from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a federal agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. SAMHSA is the same source President Obama recently announced in Atlanta that will allocate funds to fight prescription drug abuse and heroin use. According to a study* on metro Atlanta drug abuse trends issued by the Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, Georgia ranks eighth nationwide in cumulative number of AIDS cases and has the 12th highest level of cases attributable to injecting drug use. The report indicated the rate of injection-related cases is 15 times higher among African-Americans than among whites with the racial distribution of African-American and white individuals roughly equal for hepatitis C cases.

The CACHE Plus project hopes to reach over 400 participants with prevention education, HIV and hepatitis C screens and supportive services over the next three years. Program Director Raymond Duke believes the collaboration between STAND, Inc. and Morris Brown College is an excellent paring of resources to combat health disparities and educate the African American target group on behavioral health issues and risks that continue to plague our communities.  The program will utilize trained, knowledgeable, culturally diverse/sensitive Peer Educators and social media to reach African-American individuals ages 18 to 24 on designated college campuses and surrounding communities. Participating entities include representatives from Morris Brown College, STAND, Inc., Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Piedmont College, Fulton County Health Department, DeKalb County Board of Health and the AIDS Health Foundation.

* For inquiries concerning this report, please contact Claire E. Sterk, Ph.D., Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health


 The CACHE Plus project is being rolled out to combat health disparities related to HIV, STD’s, HepC, sexting, teen dating violence and substance abuse and will utilize trained, knowledgeable, culturally diverse/sensitive Peer Educators and social media to reach African-American individuals ages 18 to 24 to reduce their risk and improve their quality of life. CACHE Plus will focus on expanding the services of the original program based in Fulton County to include colleges, universities and community programs located in DeKalb County. The program will be administered in a classroom style format with a three hour intervention administering a post test after information has been disseminated.


PROJECT PERIOD:  09/30/2015 – 09/29/2018


YEAR 1 $300,000

YEAR 2 $300,000

YEAR 3 $300,000


Dr. Stanley Pritchett – President, Morris Brown College

Raymond Duke – Program Director, STAND Inc.

Dr. Edward Butler – Program Director, Morris Brown College

Dr. Charles Eaddy – CEO, Evaluation & Training Associates, LLC

Charles Sperling – CEO, STAND, Inc.

Tanika Cole– PEER Supervisor, CACHE Plus Project

Rashad Richey – Health Educator, CACHE Plus Project

Donna Smith – Researcher, Georgia State University

Dr. Kim Renee Ramsey-White – Researcher, Georgia State University

Candice Jones – Dean of Students, Georgia Piedmont College

Marcus Bolton – Program Manager, Emory University

Sean Miles – HIV Counselor, Tabernacle Baptist Church

Sonya Williams – Pastor,  R.I.M. Church

Brandi Williams – Accounts Manager, OraSure Technologies

Selece Beasley – Chapter Member, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Robert Morgan – Community Advocate

Leisha Beach – HIV Program Manager, Fulton County Health Department

Darryl Richards – HIV Program Manager, DeKalb County Board of Health

Avery Wyatt – Health Educator, DeKalb County Board of Health

Reginald Batiste – HIV Program Manager, AIDS Health Foundation

Terry Barlow – Health Educator, Recovery Consultants of Atlanta

Shawn Williams – Asset Manager, Caring Works

Sybastian Smith – Program Manager, Feminist Women’s Health Services

DeAndrea Smith – CEO, SN2SI, Inc.