Morris Brown News 6-20-09


Successful Launch of the Interactive Marketing Institute at Morris Brown College by the Ezell Brown Center
for Entrepreneurship

Atlanta, GA. (July 20th, 2009).  The Interactive Marketing Institute (IMI) has been successfully launched at Morris Brown College by the Ezell Brown Center for Entrepreneurship. IMI has witnessed immediate interest and support from the student population and surrounding community. Students and Atlanta residents are being employed and trained in real time. Thirty (30) Educational Advisor stations are presently active and more than 40 qualified individuals are currently in training and will start their positions by August 1st, 2009.The IMI is expected to reach its projected goal of 120 Educational Advisor positions by September 1st, 2009.

Educational Advisors match prospective students with the colleges or universities of their choice by utilizing EZ Trax, Marketlinkx Direct’s proprietary software, and the company’s affiliate marketing relationships to provide the widest possible range of choices to persons interested in continuing their higher education.

“The success of the launch of the Interactive Marketing Institute (IMI ) proves its ability to provide jobs for Morris Brown College students and the Atlanta community, as well as equip Educational Advisors with the technological and digital media skills that will enable them to succeed in the global economy,” remarked Ezell Brown, Chairman and CEO of Marketlinkx Direct Inc. “Our company is particularly pleased with the success of the Interactive Marketing Institute at Morris Brown College as it is specifically designed to be a model for similar facilities at other colleges and universities which have online platform services relationships with its Education Online Services division,” added Brown.

“As a subsidiary of Marketlinkx Direct, Education Online Services Corp remains committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, technological training, and financial sustainability for our partners, the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO) and its member HBCUs,” said Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President, Education Online Services Corp.

“The establishment of the Ezell Brown Center for Entrepreneurship and its state-of-the-art Interactive Marketing Institute is a critically important milestone in our rollout of an unprecedented broadband initiative that will help to further empower the communities in proximity to Morris Brown College and other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the city of Atlanta, Georgia,” added Dr. Chavis.

“2009-2010 looks like it will be a progressive and successful year for Morris Brown College,” said Dr. Stanley Pritchett, acting President. We look forward to the Interactive Marketing Institute on our campus and what it brings to our students and this community. More importantly, we applaud Dr. Chavis and Mr. Brown for their efforts to assist with the resurgence of our institution.”

About Marketlinkx Direct Inc.
Marketlinkx Direct is headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla. and currently operates 15,000 sq ft of facilities in the area, housing 250 Education Advisors and Enrollment Counselors, as well as Project Directors and Campaign Managers. The Company also features a full-service marketing department with Online, Promotional, Event  and Brand direct marketing capabilities. In addition Marketlinkx currently employs hundreds of full-time employees and independent contractors in offices throughout the world, including, Ft. Lauderdale, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, St. Vincent, India, Nepal and the Philippines.

About Morris Brown College
Morris Brown College is one of America’s most prestigious Historically Black Colleges. Founded in 1881, it offers prospective students a full-time faculty of 88% doctorates and a part-time faculty of 50% doctorates as well as a unique supportive family environment to students desiring to further their education. Located at the highest point of Downtown Atlanta, the campus is ideally situated to fulfill the mission of serving its diverse community.

About Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp)
EOServe Corp works hand in hand with our educational partners to enable them to succeed in an online world. Our partnership with Pearson College provides a powerful and dynamic system for delivering classroom content online. Our years of marketing, branding, recruitment and enrollment experience have lead us to be an industry leader, combined with tutoring and student retention services, and EOServe Corp provides a wide spectrum of services aimed at helping our educational partners flourish online.

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