Morris Brown News 6-3-10


Morris Brown College Declared a 2011 “Retool Your School” Winner by The Home Depot

Atlanta, GA (June 3, 2011).  The Home Depot has announced a $10,000 “Retool Your School” campus improvement grant to Morris Brown College.  Funds will be used for a Wilkes Hall Weatherization and Beautification Project.

During the winter months (of 2011), alumni, students, faculty and friends mounted an aggressive campaign for Morris Brown to compete for the Grand Prize that was offered by Home Depot, in their “Retool Your School Campaign.” This corporate campaign was designed for the participation of America’s 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), as a way for these institutions to “retool, modify, and/or enhance their campuses via building upgrades and/or landscaping.  The HBCU receiving the highest number of votes via laptop, PC, I-phone, Smart-phones, Droids, etc. could win the grand prize of $50,000.00.  Morris Brown College turned out enough votes to rise to 3rd place.

“The campus improvement program and the positive impact that the grants will have on your campus, as well as on many other campuses at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, means a great deal to us at The Home Depot.  We feel honored to be able to work together with you to enhance an aspect of your campus that will benefit your students as well as your community as a whole,” said Melissa Brown, representing The Home Depot in their announcement letter addressed to Morris Brown College.

“This grant will help us very much as we work toward the stabilization and rehabilitation of our college,” said Dr. Stanley Pritchett, Morris Brown College President.  “Those of us at Morris Brown want to thank all of you who voted for Morris Brown.  We ask that you continue to support the college; remember, we have miles to go . . .”