President’s Letter

President’s Letter

Dear Alumni, Friends and Supporters:

As we begin Morris Brown College’s 135th year of existence, I bring you greetings as the College’s 18th President. I am happy to have the opportunity to lead our beloved school and am committed to upholding a vision that includes integrity, innovation, excellence, adaptability, and pride. Morris Brown was established by the African Methodist Episcopal church to transform “diamonds in the rough” into productive citizens, and we are continuing in that tradition. Today, hundreds of you are leaders in academia, politics, business, and medicine, and we are proud of your accomplishments.

During the recent commencement, I had the opportunity to share that the College is in the midst of a turnaround plan. This strategic reinvention process has some of the best and brightest minds supporting us in our efforts. I write this letter in hopes of gaining your confidence and support in our efforts to reach specific goals of our turnaround plan. These goals include regaining our accreditation and establishing a Lifelong Learning Center at Morris Brown. The Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, students, and alumni have all worked diligently to meet our academic and financial obligations, but more needs to be done. Your financial contributions and pledges could be the difference between a student’s reaching his/her potential or becoming another statistic.

Unfortunately, we face serious obstacles to continuing our legacy. Losing our accreditation and access to federal funding has limited traditional revenue streams to support operational costs and to pay existing debts. We are working tirelessly to prepare for an accrediting agency to review our program this academic year. We are also identifying academic programs to support workforce development in a global economy and rebuilding our relationship with the United States Department of Education to provide students grants and loans.

The dawn is upon us, but we need your help to ensure our victory. I want to personally invite you to visit our school. Feel free to interact with our students. These young men and women are aspiring to make a difference in this world, and many are the first in their families to attend college. We want all of them to succeed. I hope that you will join us in this effort.
I also invite you to keep in touch with us by visiting our website soon. We are pledging to keep you abreast of progress in our attainment of goals of the turnaround plan.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 404-458-6085 ext 2001 or at



Stanley J.Pritchett, Sr., Ed.D.