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Morris Brown College is on the road to accreditation. We are confident that we will complete this journey with your help. The College expects to attain this goal in approximately 12 months.

Morris Brown College will carve out a new narrative as we continue our long, great and illustrious history into the future. It is important that we remember our history. It is important that we remember our struggle.

Noted photographer Andrew Feiler has captured a part of our history in this new book. The title, “Without Regard to Sex, Race, or Color” is words taken from the bell in the historic tower of Fountain Hall. The sixty wonderful pictures capture where the College has been. It captures an aspect of our struggle. The book attempts to capture the present condition of Morris Brown College. It does not capture where the College is going. Indeed the photos can be said to be a symbolic launching into the future. That future we, together, must create.

The book also includes essays by Robert E. James (Morris Brown graduate and former trustee). Pellom McDaniels III, Amalia K. Amaki and Loretta Parham that speak not only to the Morris Brown College story but also the future, the history, and the place of most of our historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs)in the 21th century. The struggle of Morris Brown College is a struggle shared by far too many of the country’s HBCUs. It is a struggle we need to win. It is a struggle we can win.

You can help Morris Brown College. As the College moves forward toward the goal of accreditation, the College must develop additional sources of revenue. Presently the College has purchased 500 copies of this book for resale as a fund raiser. We are selling copies of the book for $50.00. We have sold nearly 100 books to date, but have a ways to go. You can purchase a copy, signed by both the author and the President of Morris Brown College. Books can be purchased on line at www.morrisbrown.edu by using the donation page or in person at the College.

Join us as we acknowledge our yesterday and celebrate our great tomorrow.

Join the Morris Brown College family as we help continue to make Morris Brown College a “haven for hungry souls”.


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