Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission
The Vision
Morris Brown College is a premier, educational public square that cultivates inspiration, innovation and life- long learning. Through this committed vision, learners are competitive in a market responsive work environment.

Morris Brown College is an undergraduate degree-granting institution of higher education committed to excellence in academic programs and professional education. We prepare our graduates to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives by providing a high quality education through experiential, collaborative and discovery-based learning in a nurturing environment.

Our Core Values
Our core values bind us together. They are deeply held beliefs which we translate into consistent standards of behavior when working with our students and each other.

1. Integrity and Respect: The College manifests an unwavering adherence to strict moral and ethical character and shows an authentic regard for others while practicing civility and supporting all dimensions of the human as a being.

2. Diversity and Inclusiveness: We celebrate individual differences and recognize that the inclusion of all is vital for the success of the institution and its ability to support a global agenda.

3. Quality Teaching and Learning: We are committed to imparting and gaining knowledge to promote intellectual curiosity in a success-driven environment

4. Excellence: We strive for excellence in all we do. We are committed to providing excellent teaching and service to our students and staff.

5. Service to Community: Throughout the College we support and recognize service that contributes to the benefit of the college’s student body and its workforce, the State of Georgia, the nation and the world.

6. Innovation and discovery: We take the lead and adopt a spirit of innovation and creativity in our work. We are committed to building a robust culture of ingenuity through habits of mind and championing of opportunities to improve our educational landscape.

7. Collaboration: Through collaboration we multiply our contribution. Together, we are stronger, contributing more with a shared sense of goals and mutual support that lead to greater success than isolated work and individual focus. We operate as one cohesive and collegial unit with a unified and student-centered culture.

8. Christian Faith: As a practice, our faith is a vehicle of expression of best interest and intentionality. We are consciously dedicated to the purposeful and intentional expression of God’s revealed truth.