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$500K Grant to help preserve history at Morris Brown College

By September 25, 2019 October 14th, 2019 No Comments

ATLANTA (CBS46) — After several years of financial hardship and uncertainty, Morris Brown College has received a $500,000 grant from the National Park Service. On Sept. 13, the Service announced that more than $12 million in African American Civil Rights grants will be used to fund projects across 17 states. Morris Brown—which is a Historically Black College located in Atlanta—is one of only two Georgia grant recipients.

The grant intends to preserve and highlight stories related to the Black struggle for equality in the 20th century. The College intends to use the money for its Fountain (Stone) Hall Restoration Project.

Fountain Hall, formerly known as Fairchild Hall and Stone Hall, is a historic building on the College’s campus. It is the oldest surviving building—built in 1812—originally owned by Atlanta University. Fountain Hall was declared a national landmark in 1974 and is currently named after Bishop William A. Fountain—a former Georgia bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church denomination.

“We are thrilled and tremendously grateful to be awarded this prestigious grant,” said Dr. Kevin James, interim president of Morris Brown College. “Restoring Fountain Hall heralds a significant development in our progress to bring this esteemed institution back to its place of prominence.”

In 2002, the college lost its accreditation and faced foreclosure in 2012. Morris Brown is not accredited at this time but hopes to become eligible for accreditation by October 2020. The school has raised nearly half a million dollars of its $15 million goal since March to show financial stability to accreditation boards

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