Homecoming 2024 Vendor Application

Morris Brown College Official Merchandise Vendors

Other Licensed Vendors

Company Name: Plair Sports and Apparel
Contact Name: Quentin Plair
Phone Number: 1-678-427-2468
MBC Apparel: Click Here
Email Address: quentin.plair@psamaxx.com

Company Name: Southern Belle Accessories
Contact Name: Keisha Harley
Phone Number: 770-401-1132
Website:  https://www.southernbelleaccessories.com/
MBC Apparel: Click Here
Email Address: southernbelleaccessories@gmail.com

Company Name: The Nairobi Group LLC / DBA Chicer Collegiate
Contact Name: Anthony Moultry
Phone Number: 404-931-1891
Website: www.ChicerC.com
Email Address: mrmoultry@gmail.com

Company Name: Corin Lindsay
Contact Name: Corin Lindsay
Phone Number: 347-674-7599
Website: www.corindemarco.com
MBC Apparel: Click Here
Email Address: corin@corindemarco.com

Contact Name: Melvin Davis, Jr.
Phone Number: 347-829-6873
Website: www.mdjoriginal.com
MBC Apparel: Click Here
Email Address: mdjoriginalt@gmail.com

Company Name: Legacy Sportswear, LLC dba IKO Sportswear
Contact Name: Eric W. Perdue
Phone Number: 404-483-4690
Website: www.ikosportswear.com
MBC Apparel: Click Here
Email Address: legacygear62@gmail.com
Tax ID:800725260

Company Name: AWAC HATZ LLC
Contact Name: Derrick K Alexander
Phone Number: 404-731-8784
Alternate Phone Number: 203-522-6033
Website: www.awachatz.com
MBC Apparel: Click Here
Email Address: info@awachatz.com

Company Name: Pegasus Sports, LLC
Contact Name: Wendy Harmon
Website: www.pegasussportsshop.com
Email Address: wendy@pegasussportsshop.com

Company Name: Wool Felt Products, Inc dba Collegiate Pacific
Contact Name: Danielle Napier
Phone Number: 540-981-0281
Website: www.collegiatepacific.com
Fax Number: 540-981-0337
Email Address: accounting@collegiatepacific.com

Company Name: Tones of Melanin
Contact Name: Tones of Melanin
Phone Number: 757-839-4259
Website: www.tonesofmelanin.com
Email Address: tonesofmelanin@gmail.com

Company Name: Sankofa Athletics LLC
Contact Name: Khalia Ervin
Website: https://sankofaathletics.com/
MBC Apparel:  https://sankofaathletics.com/collections/sankofa-stay-tru-to-the-culture-tournament/products/nylon-varsity-jackets
Email Address: khaliaervin@gmail.com

Company Name: Cheylaina Fultz

Contact Name: Cheylaina Fultz

Phone Number: (336) 419-8388

Website: www.hbculegacyfashion.com

Email Address: contact@hbculegacyfashion.com

Address: 717 LORETO LANE
Blacklick, Ohio 43004
Agreement Date: 12/14/2022

Agreement Expiration Date: 06/30/2023


Company Name: Siani’s MOM

Contact Name: Christine Wiggs

Phone Number: 267-688-0902

Website: https://www.sianismomembroideryshop.com/morris-brown-college

Email Address: sianis_mom@yahoo.com

Tax ID: 67563645

Address:825 N. 64th St

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19151


Company Name: Logo Brands

Contact Name: Shannon Thomason

Website: www.logobrands.com

Email Address: shannon@logobrands.com

Address: 235 Noah Drive, Suite 220

Franklin, Tennessee 37064

Phone Number: (615) 721-3608


Company Name: BSN Sports, LLC.

Website: https://www.bsnsports.com/

Contact Name: Jeff Loke

Email Address: JLoke@bsnsports.com

Address: 14460 Varsity Brands Way,

Farmers Branch, Texas 75244

Phone Number: 214-459-9041



Contact Name: KEON YOUNG

Phone Number: 404-663-8859

Website: www.atlalumni.com


Tax ID:87333717

Address: PO BOX 769171

ROSWELL, Georgia 30076


Company Name: City School Gear

Contact Name: Melody Huff

Phone Number: 494-919-1160

Website: https://www.cityschoolgear.com

Email Address: Admin@cityschoolgear.com

Tax ID: 853262742

Address: 3720 Renaissance Circle

Atlanta, Georgia 30349


Company Name: GFSI Inc

Website: www.gearforsports.com

Contact Name: Trey Ham

Email Address: trey.ham@hanes.com

Address: 9700 Commerce Parkway ,

Lenexa, Kansas 66219,

Phone Number: 913-693-3261

Company Name: printworks MD llc
Contact Name: Erie Wallace
Phone Number: 410-961-1225
Website: www.collegiateluxe.com
Email Address: iddesignusa@gmail.com

Company Name: CLW Marketing & Promotion/Email Address: info@clwmarketingandpromotion.com
Contact Name: Johnny Williams, Jr. or Raynard Lawler
Phone Number: (205) 601-6770
Website: www.clwmarketingandpromotion.com
MBC Apparel:  https://www.clwmarketingandpromotion.com/morris-brown-college.html#/

Company Name: PMCreashions

Email: pmcreashions@gmail.com

Address: P.0. Box 1973

Jonesboro. GA
Contact Name: Shelly Perry
Phone Number:  404-855-0657
Website: www.pmcreashions.com

MBC Apparel: www.pmcreashions.com


Company Name: ’47 Brand, LLC
Contact Name: Twins Enterprise
Phone Number: 781-320-1384
Website: www.47brand.com
Fax Number: 781-320-8186
Email Address: approvals@47brand.com

Contact Name: EARL CARTER
Phone Number: 678-516-7765
Website: www.pinspec.com
MBC Apparel: https://www.pinspec.com/p/catalog/0ba0c66c-6eb9-47bb-b431-91aeed35b684/mbc-alumni-products
Email Address: esmc06@aol.com
Address: 1017 Poplar Street
FORT VALLEY, Georgia 31030