Career Development at Morris Brown College

Career Development is a four-year process designed to work with students by strengthening their skills for career readiness through career workshops, internship/career fairs, interview and resume preparation, graduate program exploration and application assistance, and experiential opportunities. While at Morris Brown, students will gain the skills needed to appropriately articulate their experiences to obtain and maintain gainful employment throughout their career life cycle.


Year One

Understand Who You Are

  • Identify You: Assess your values, interests, personality, and skills using the assessment tools available through the college
  • Explore Your Options: Meet with your Career and Academic Advisors to discuss majors and career options.

Year Two

Explore Opportunities

  • Explore Internships: Identify and apply for internships that interest you; start making connections between your courses and practical experiences.
  • Build Your Resume: Use your internship and campus involvement to build your professional resume.

Year Three

Highlight & Shine

  • Finalize your plans: Meet with your adviser to finalize all of your applications and get them submitted; make sure your resume and cover letter meets industry standards.
  • Highlight your accomplishments: Let us know your plans because we want to brag about you.

Year Four

Prepare for Post-Graduation

  • Construct Your Plan: Research your post-graduate options and begin to build your plan for the next two years. If graduate school is an option, investigate all the requirements of the programs you are interested in and prepare accordingly.
  • Gain more meaningful experiences: Community involvement, Internships, Study Abroad, and Research will be good experiences to expand your resume.
  • Build your network: Build your professional network by seeking out professionals in your field and creating your professional social presences.

Contact information:

Ivy M. Word
Director of Community Standards & Career Development
Morris Brown College | Atlanta, GA 30314 |