Dr. Kevin James

Dr. Kevin James is the 19th President of Morris Brown College, a historical Black college in Atlanta, Georgia. Under his leadership, the college regained accreditation after a nearly twenty-year hiatus, becoming the first HBCU to achieve such a feat. Driven by a commitment to Morris Brown’s legacy, he initiated the #TheHardReset campaign, successfully restoring the institution to compliance and recognition by the Department of Education.

With a career spanning over 23 years as an educator, administrator, executive business leader, and motivational speaker, Dr. James brings a wealth of experience to his role as the Chief Executive Officer of the college. He has been responsible for stabilizing finances, expanding academic offerings, increasing fundraising, and achieving record-breaking enrollment in the past two decades.



As A Higher Education Administrator,
Executive Business Leader, & Motivational Speaker 

Under Dr. James’ leadership, the institution secured full accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) on April 26, 2022, enabling the college to regain access to federal financial aid programs and Title IV funding. He also solidified Morris Brown College’s reinstatement as a participant in the Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities program under Title III.

Recognized for his visionary leadership, Dr. James secured a groundbreaking partnership with Hilton Hotels Worldwide and CGI Merchant Group to develop a $40 million hotel on campus. This collaboration not only contributes to the college’s financial stability but also offers valuable training opportunities for students in the hospitality industry.

Throughout his tenure, Dr. James has received numerous accolades and awards for his contributions to higher education and leadership. In 2023, Dr. James was named HBCU College President of the Year by Our HBCU’s Matter Foundation and Most Admired CEO by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. He has been featured in prominent media outlets, including CNN, Forbes, and Black Enterprise, further highlighting his impact and influence.

In addition to his role at Morris Brown College, Dr. James is actively involved in various organizations and serves on the boards of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Worldwide, the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Historic Oakland Foundation, among others. He is a member of prestigious honor societies and organizations such as Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Dr. James holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders and Social Sciences from Winthrop University, a master’s degree in Business Management, Leadership, and Organizational Effectiveness from Troy State University, and a Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. He is also a graduate of the Higher Education Institute at Harvard University.

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Dr. James is deeply committed to empowering the community through education and has played a transformative role in revitalizing Morris Brown College. His strategic vision, dedication, and numerous accomplishments have positioned the institution for a successful future.

Morris Brown Presidential History


Bishop Wesley John Gaines


Mary McCree, First Principal 1885-1886

Alice D. Carey, Second Principal 1886-1887

E.W. Lee, Third Principal 1887-1888

St. George Richardson, Fourth Principal 1888-1892


  1. A. St. George Richardson, (1892-1896)
  2. James M. Henderson, (1896-1904)
  3. J.S. Flipper, (1904-1908)
  4. E.W. Lee, (1908-1911)
  5. W.A. Fountain Sr., (1911-1920)
  6. John H. Lewis, (1920-1928)
  7. William A. Fountain, Jr., (1928-1950)
  8. Edward C. Mitchell, (1950-1951)
  9. John H. Lewis, (1951-1958)
  10. Frank Cunningham, (1958-1965)
  11. John A. Middleton, (1965-1973)
  12. Robert Threatt, (1973-1984)
  13. Calvert H. Smith, (1984-1992)
  14. Samuel D. Jolley, Jr., (1993-1997)
  15. Delores E. Cross, (1998-2002)
  16. Charles E. Taylor, (2002-2003)
  17. Samuel D. Jolley, Jr., (2004-2006)
  18. Stanley J. Pritchett, Sr., (2006-2018)
  19. Kevin E. James, (March 1, 2019-Present)