Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

​​​​​​Many colleges and universities evaluate the college-level knowledge and skills an individual has gained outside of the classroom for college credit. This evaluation is called credit for prior learning (CPL), but it may also be referred to as prior learning assessment or experiential learning.

There are many programs and services available to help you earn credit for your workplace training, military service, and other experiential learning and apply it to a degree program. Examples of prior learning may include:

  • Workplace training
  • Military training and service
  • Independent study
  • Professional certifications

EdAssist by Bright Horizons®

As part of Bright Horizons’ (Ed Assist) tuition program management services for leading employers, Bright Horizons offers to its partners access to the Bright Horizons Education Network, a group of educational institutions offering tuition reductions and other services to Participants (the “Education Network”). Morris Brown College is a participant in this program.

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  • Examinations
  • Civic activities
  • Volunteer service

Morris Brown College is a participant in the following methods to receive academic credit through the Advanced Placement Program (AP), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), Excelsior Exams, SOPHIA Learning, and Prior Military Training for Credit. Students may receive academic credit by examination through these programs; some academic departments provide opportunities for college credit or course exemption based on performance on approved departmental examinations.

For more information, work with your Department Chair and please visit the sites listed below:

Earning college credit through CPL can help you:

Save time and money—​shorten your time to obtain your degree and lower the cost of tuition.
Accelerate your academic progress—take higher level courses sooner.

For more information about PLC, please visit:

Credit For Prior Learning Issue Brief